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March 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Multi-Agency Thresholds Guidance & Continuum of Help and Support Framework This chapter has been updated. Figure 1: Continuum of Help and Support Framework has also been updated.
Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board and Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board: Safeguarding Transition Protocol (revised April 2017) An updated version has been added to the manual.
Other Types of Conference This chapter has been updated. In Section 3, Pre-Birth Child Protection Conferences and Reviews, the timescales have been amended and that section should be re-read.
Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children In Section 6, Further Information, a link has been added to Parent Tips - Keeping Babies and Children Safe Around Dogs in the Home (Institute of Health Visiting).
Female Genital Mutilation A link has been added to the DoH page on 'Safeguarding Women and Girls at Risk of FGM', which includes the guidance plus additional resources including a safeguarding pathway and risk assessment tools.
Modern Slavery In Section 6, Further Information, links have been added to Modern Slavery Awareness & Victim Identification Guidance, and A Typology of Modern Slavery Offences in the UK.
Safeguarding Children and Young people against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism This chapter has been updated. In Section 6, Further Information, a link has been added to Advice For Local Authorities – Safeguarding Children Returning To The UK From Syria.
Risks Posed by People with Convictions Against Children This chapter has been reviewed. Section 7, MAPPA and Potentially Dangerous Persons has been updated throughout in line with revised MAPPA Guidance. The link to the MAPPA Guidance has been updated.
Local Contacts This chapter has been updated. Updated: Children's Social Care and LSCB Co-ordinator.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Enviroment This chapter includes information on risks and indicators; issues; protection and action to be taken; issues; learning from Serious Case Reviews; points of good practice and sources of further information.

Next update: August 2018


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